Sunday, February 16, 2003

Personal entry: Computer upgrade

It’s a little later in the night now, and the snow is still coming pretty good. By my unscientific measuring (taking a wooden spoon, and poking the top of the AC unit) it looks like slightly over a foot now. Not a lot for Johnstown PA, but a good bit (the most I’ve ever seen) here in Columbus Ohio.

Another thing about me…I’m a flight sim junkie. Mostly, I’m using MS’s Flight Simulator 2002 Pro, but recently I picked up a copy of Coastal Heroes: Search and Rescue 4. It’s not bad, but my poor computer just can’t handle the graphics. That’s where Krazy Kenny comes in.

Krazy Kenny is a computer parts store here in Columbus. I ordered a Case, MOBO, and AMD XP 2000 Proc. I’ll strip the rest of the parts out of my current machine, and should be able to get a better benchmark score. For benchmarking, I suggest a little program called “Performance Test ver. 4.0” by Passmark Software. My current box (PIII550 w/512mb ram) ranks an 86. My second computer ranks a 47 (PII 400). The new box should put me into the 110’s, at least.

I’m out of smokes. I guess I’m going to have to go out in this after all.

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