Sunday, February 16, 2003

Personal Entry: Introduction

It’s Sunday, February 16th, and we here in Central Ohio are getting pummeled by snow. What better time than now to start what I’ve been wanting to do for a while, that being my blog.

Why blog? That’s the question my wife would ask if she knew I was doing this. Well, I’ve been keeping a journal for a while now (women would call this a diary). The idea behind this is just to keep my writing skills up to par. As a one-time contributor to the now defunct themestream, I miss having an easy place to dump my brain so that others may review it.

If you care, I’m 29, married, with a dog, and a cat, live in Central Ohio, and work in the technology field. When I’m not on a computer at work, I’m on a computer at home, doing things like this. I’m a news junkie, a trait I attribute to my six years as a writer and photojournalist for a news paper, and then later a TV station, in Central PA. As such, I tend to occasionally draw strong feelings about things that are happening in the world.

That being said, arguments, discussions, and ideas can be sent to my email address,


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