Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Follow-up: Buchanan transcript from Wednesday

MSNBC has released the transcript from yesterday’s Buchanan and Press show.

I seriously thought reading it would let me know that I was overreacting. Nope, I was right on.


BUCHANAN: OK, Mr. Roth, let me ask you this. Let me give you an argument. Let me give you an argument. Look, doctors regularly, daily, inflict horrible pain on patients. They cut them open and they put new hearts in them. And it’s horrible pain. It’s done for their own good to save one life. If you can do it to save one life, why can’t you inflict pain on a guilty man to save 100 lives?


PRESS: Come on.

ROTH: You don’t see a difference between consenting to an operation to save your life vs. forcing severe pain on somebody else? Please. You don’t really believe that.

BUCHANAN: Listen, oh, I do believe...

PRESS: Oh, how about the anesthesiologist in here, Pat. They don’t feel the pain.

BUCHANAN: Anybody that says you wouldn’t use pain on this guy to save 100 lives, you’re a wimp.

Press tried to joke about this obviously flawed statement, in order to get Buchanan off of this slippery slope. Buchanan however, was rescued by a commercial break.

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