Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Nation at War: The Staggering Cost

75 billion dollars. 75,000,000,000 dollars. 75 gigadollars.

How much is that? Well, in today’s dollars the Marshal Plan cost $120 billion. (source: Newsweek, no link available) The difference is that the Marshal Plan covered 18 countries.

But, unlike the Marshall plan, Bush’s plan is based on a war that only goes for 30 days or so, and has no provision to return the troops to their bases.

Also, according to Sen. Byrd, there is flexible language in the bill, which means that the actual bill can vary.

Oh, by the way. In this bill, Israel gets 7.8 billion, for just being Israel, while Iraq gets 7.2 billion for reconstruction. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, perhaps I’m just silly, but I would think the larger slice of pie would go to the country that actually HAD the bombs fall on it.

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