Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Plug: Are you using The Meatstack to its full potential?

Real quick, then we’ll get back to the real content:

Subscribing allows you to receive emails alerting you when There has been signifigant updates to the site. I don’t send them out for every post, only for the major ones, or a bunch of little ones. And, I promise, I will not sell your name. I’m very anti-spam myself.

If you plan on doing some shopping on Amazon, please use the search portal to the left of this article. If you purchase something you search for using that, they throw The Meatstack a penance.

If anyone happens to have skills as a graphic artist, and would be willing to donate a graphic for the Meatstack, email me. I’d like to have a set of graphics or logos created so that I can move forward on something else I’m working on.

If you don’t have graphic artist skills, but would still like to donate, there is the paypal link below the Amazon link. Visa and MC accepted.

That’ll do for this PBS-esque pledge break.

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