Sunday, March 16, 2003

Sunday Commentary: More terror levels?

There is talk now of a new threat level to be added to the “rainbow of terror”. This level, as reported in CNN may be added “within orange”

Where do I sign up to get a job like Tom Ridge’s? it took him eight months to come up with five colors, later suggesting duct tape and plastic sheets for biological protection, and now the system we have proves to be inadequate.

Because I do care, and because I too want to see our nation safe, may I suggest the following terror levels be added “within Orange.” Colors provided by crayola.

Sunglow – High Terror threat only due to a Def Leppard reunion tour

Bittersweet – High Terror treat but only to the liberal community

Neon Carrot – High Terror threat due to genetically altered bunny rabbits planted in the lettuce fields of California by Al-Queda operatives.

Sunset Orange – It’s really red, but we don’t have the stones to say it.

This is asinine, and quite frankly, for par with Tom Ridge’s work. As Governor of Pennsylvania, Ridge managed to double the amount of municipal waste imported to the state.

Under Ridge’s watchful eye, Pennsylvania was one of only four states to lose population. Pennsylvania’s census count was reduced by 50,000 residents, My wife and I are two of, by the way.

Ridge has allowed small cities like Johnstown and Altoona to flounder, and allowed Cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to develop such a high cost of living that educated people are abandoning the state in search of jobs and a decent standard of living.

Ridge is now applying his management skills for the entire nation. What’s the warning color for that?

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