Monday, March 10, 2003

Torture: Buchanan still at it.

Pat Buchanan is still speaking up advocating the use of torture.

His main argument this time is that the Natural Law allows one to torture.

For the second time this week, I reference Saint Aquinas. Trust me, under normal circumstances I’m not this into philosophy.

St. Thomas stated that in our world, there are four kinds of law: eternal law; natural law; human law; and divine law. Eternal law governs those things in the universe that will always remain (like gravity). Human law is those created by humans (murder, parking fines). Divine law is those laws that determine what standard is necessary for people to reach eternal salvation. (These vary depending on your religion)

That being said, Natural law is the law of the wild. It is a set of laws in one’s head. Aquinas argues that humans tend to do good, and avoid evil.

But, I’m still floored by the thought that Buchanan, speaking from the “Christian Right” can avocate torture as a just act.

I’m far from being a “bible-basher.” But I do consider myself a Christian. As a Christian, I understand that above Human Law, above Natural Law, is Divine Law. If there was a Human law to kill someone, or to covet my Neighbor’s wife, I would be within Divine Law to ignore those human laws. If I was punished, I would be a Martyr.

So, how can Buchanan argue that Natural law says its ok, when higher powers say not?

Pat, if you are going to pull the arguments of Saints to justify your barbaric tendencies, perhaps it’s time you go back to Sunday school.

As a superpower, we must observe a higher ethical standard. If we don’t then we do not have a leg to stand on when we impose that standard upon others.


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