Tuesday, March 18, 2003

US at War: Endgame

There is something fishy going on.

I just finished reading (well, actually listening to) Endgame: Solving the Iraq Problem Once and for All.

It gives a fascinating history of Iraq, and Saddam Hussein. That’s the majority of the book. Along with this is hauntingly familiar phrases, which could be ripped from today’s headline. Read these, knowing that the book was written in 1999

Remote piloted Vehicle program, Al-Sumoot (sp) missile program, Close ties with France.

(I apologize for no credits, as it is an audio book I listened to, I cannot reference pages, or provide exact quotes. You will have to trust me that they are RIGHT ON with what we are hearing today)

But, then he lays out his endgame.

Ritter provides two solutions. The second of these is a political and diplomatic plan. It would involve setting up a committee between us and Iraq, and each side granting concessions to the issue at hand.

The first of these, is military action. Ritter is DEAD ON with how the Bush Administration is handling this solution. Ritter even was correct to the number of troops necessary to complete such an action: 250,000. He laid out the workings with Kurdish forces in the north. Ritter referred to this as the “Arnold Plan”, which he says was shelved as soon as it was created, shortly after the Gulf War.

Ritter is even exact with how the nation will react to a pre-emptive military strike. He predicts accurately that the nation, as well as the world, will be divided. He predicts that this division will come from the United Nations tendencies towards containment.

Apparently, the “Arnold plan” has come off the shelf, and had the dust blown off of it. This book is SO DEAD ON that I had to wonder if Ritter is currently advising the Bush administration.

Off to google I go, only to find this.

Ritter has apparently had a change of heart about Iraq.

“Iraq is not a sponsor of the kind of terror perpetrated against the United States on September 11 and in fact is active in suppressing the sort of fundamental extremism that characterizes those who attacked the United States on that horrible day," Ritter said.

He later denied allegations that Iraq Interfered in the inspection process, a point he illuminates continuously through Endgame.

Ok, now I’m thoroughly confused. Although I stand by my belief that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, I do believe that they are hiding weapons. I now question which is right? The book? Or what he’s saying now?

Continuing on, I find this.

To get to the meat of the matter, it’s this:

We hate to say it, but Scott Ritter has apparently sold out. He received $400,000 from an Iraqi-American businessman with close ties to Saddam for the purpose of producing a documentary called "In Shifting Sands." The Weekly Standard described it as a film that "would chronicle the weapons-inspection process" and quoted Ritter as saying it would "de-demonize" Iraq.

Does this guy suffer from ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) or something?

Dig deeper, and you find this

Ah, so Mr. Ritter is in a sex scandal. Could Iraq be blackmailing him to say the message they want us to hear?

This is messing me up. So, could Endgame be right on, and his current words wrong? Or is it the other way? The book rings far too true to be made up.

Or, is the hawks of this country making up charges to discredit Ritter’s change of heart? He would be a fantastic spokesman for the anti-war movement, as long as he doesn’t have the stigma of pedophile attached to him.

I know, you are saying: "But wait, Craig, America wouldn't do that, would it?" In this article dated JANUARY of this year, Scott alleges the United states of creating false evidence against Iraq. Now we find out he was right.

AHH! My head is going to explode.

There is a puppeteer pulling Scott’s strings. I have little doubt of that. I just have to wonder what flag that puppet master is serving.

Anyone who can help me shed light on this, please put in some comments. I'm really confused by this.

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