Friday, April 18, 2003

Catholicism: Why the Scandals Hurt

As a practicing Catholic, it’s hard to watch, time and time again, sexual scandals appear in the church.

It’s even harder for the victims to be the targets of molestation.

There is not a person out there that will argue the above point. There is another affect of these scandals, and that is the affect of credibility.

In debating the war in Iraq, my two points have been 1) an unproven track record on behalf of the Bush Administration to the follow-up after a war. And 2) This war being labeled Unjust by the Pope, and many other religious leaders.

Every time a priest molests a child, every time a Friar sweeps a sexual misconduct charge under the rug, it undermines the church’s credibility.

It’s a weak argument on behalf of the Pro-war side, but when I mention the religious aspect, they respond “Oh, the same Pope that allows child abuse?” Unfortunately, Yes. The same Pope.

It has been 41 years since Vatican II. How the world has changed since 1962.

Good Friday is a day of reflection. I’ve been doing some self-reflection, but also to the Church which I belong.

Why can’t women be priests?
Why can’t priests marry, or be married?
In a world of over 10 billion people, why does the church still shun birth control?
Why is abortion the only subject that the majority of Catholics care about?
Why are we not fighting against executions with the same zeal that we fight against abortion?
Why do segments of the Catholic community try to push Dashchle out of the Church for his views on abortion, yet allow Tom DeLay to criticize the Holy See’s labeling of the Iraq War Unjust?

On this, Good Friday, the day humankind executed Jesus Christ, this is what I think about.

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