Thursday, April 03, 2003

Liberal Talk Radio: It really does exist

My usual source of anger and frustration has been missing lately.

You see, the local talk radio station, WTVN is currently changing their online streaming audio service. I haven’t been able to get myself fired up by listening to uninformed central Ohio callers for a couple of days.

Searching for my angst-muse, I stumble across a gem. You might remember WAY back in February The Meatstack posted an article regarding liberal talk radio.

Well, I had to web surf the whole way out to San Francisco, but I found it.

KGO in San Fran is a Liberal Talk radio station. Finally, a voice of reason in the night, streaming live from our Left coast!

Give them a listen to. If you like their work, send them an email and let them know you appreciate them streaming their message across the fruited plain.

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