Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The Meatstack: Wake Up Call


You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in about four days. I even had big plans about the Topeka Kansas group coming to town.

Well, I didn’t get to it. Working night shift like I do, it was far too difficult to peel myself off of the mattress after 3 hours sleep to cover them. For that I’m sorry. The wife and I ended up going to the zoo instead.

The truth is: I burnt out. Posting daily for the last three months, it is easy to get frustrated. It’s easy to feel that I’m performing a primal scream into a black hole. It’s easy to feel that my words are falling on deaf, or closed ears.

Add to the fact that this nation is, in my opinion, barreling down the wrong road at breakneck speed. This administration is increasing spending on one end, decreasing revenue on the other side. We have squandered the world’s goodwill towards America, and turned it into contempt. Senators are making comments not only questioning the legality of homosexuality, but questioning the right of privacy of any couple. For that, it gets 48 hours in press coverage, and forgotten.

So, I let loose my daily barbaric yawp. Internally, my anger grows.

About 8 years ago, I returned to Johnstown, PA after attending Penn State. I went to work for the newspaper, setting forth on my career path. I was 21, just out of school, and forgetting a lot of the issues that I had campaigned for in college. I was looking to have a good time, to meet women, and to just not worry about the world around me.

When I made my career change three years ago, I took the good economy for granted. I stepped into a tech job with very little experience, and no technical education. I thought nothing of the world around me, I lived in the moment…in my own little shell.

I refer to those times now as my cloistered age. Unfortunately, most of society enters this stage, and never returns. Politics are boring. Politics are dirty. It takes a time commitment to educate yourself in politics. That is far too much for a lot of people.

Politicians know this. They prey on it. An ill-informed voter is their best friend. Speaking in sound bites, they push their idea. Further research is left up to the voter, knowing full well that they won’t do it.

Citizenship in a democracy is more advanced than that. It takes work. If you enjoy the freedoms of this nation, then you have to pay for them by being educated in your government. Failing to do that puts us in the situation we are in now. It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue. It’s an American issue.

But, back to the original topic. It’s easy to fall back into a cloistered age. I did it this weekend. Plopping in Civilization III, I lived in a fantasy world for four days. I went to the zoo with my wife, and awed at the cute animals. I went out for nights on the town. I watched something on TV other than news.

It’s about finding a balance. Each person must reach an equilibrium between their internal world, and the external one. I don’t have the answer to that balance. I haven’t found it for myself yet.

But, I feel I’m heading in the right direction. I’m back at the meaty helm, and posting again. Sorry for the break.


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