Sunday, April 13, 2003

Nation at War: Obligatory “most wanted” cards post.

Seems many of my liberal blogging companions are worked up about this. I personally, don’t see an issue with it. Albeit morbid, poker cards to educate our troops has been an American “tradition” dating back to World War II, at least.

Back in the 40’s, the Government issued cards with silhouettes of aircraft, in order to educate the troops to learn friendly from foe. Honestly, this is no different. Could you be able to recognize Saddam’s number three henchman in a crowd of Iraqis? I couldn’t if he was at Sam’s Club. Poker cards just gives the troops something to do during the downtime.

Granted, I imagine there’s not a lot of down time going around, with fighting a war, looking for WMD, and policing the streets, but hey, I’m not over there. I don’t know.

I just wonder if Baghdad Bob is a Joker in the three joker deck. He sure as heck should be.

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