Monday, April 07, 2003

Nation at war: Time to move forward.

Coalition troops are in Baghdad, and this war is about over. The occupation, however, is just about to begin.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco bay area, the protests continue.

It’s time we move forward. This war cannot stop now even if the administration wanted it to. It’s time to plan ahead.

Bush and Co. is doing just that. Meeting with Blair in Belfast, Ireland, Bush is planning a post-war Iraq. We must do the same.

It’s time to put away the no-war signs. Don’t put them too deep in the closet though, we’ll probably need them again soon. It’s time to focus on the rebuild process. It’s time to help the people we have hurt over the past three weeks.

It’s time to start organizing against war verses Iran, or Syria. It’s time to start pressuring this administration to resume diplomatic talks with North Korea. It’s time to mend fences with Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, the “Arab street”, China, Ireland and Russia.

It’s time to start organizing for the 2004 election. Bush can do a lot of damage in the next term in office. There won’t be any reason to restrain himself after his second term. It’s time to vote him out.

This change has to start here, in the Blogosphere. The new direction must be set by the same organizations that so passionately protested this war.

It must start with us.

That said, The Meatstack will hereby reduce commentary on the war, and begin focusing on the issues that will face us post Iraq war.

I need your help though. I need to know what issues are important to you. I guess I also need to know what issues are important to me. I’ll be doing some “soul searching” in the following days, figuring out where we need to go from here.

Your comments, as always, are welcome.


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