Thursday, April 24, 2003

Ohio Politics: When “No” means “Yes”

The state of Ohio is in a budget crunch. The voters refuse any new taxes, and Gov. Bob Taft has stated that he will veto any video lottery bills, despite the public’s desire to have them.

Personally, I don’t think gambling will completely solve this state’s budget deficit. But gambling can help lower the tax burden. It’s not like keeping gambling out of Ohio will stop Ohioans from gambling. I personally know many people who either go to the riverboats on the Ohio river, to West Virginia, or to Canada for gambling excursions. Why the NIMBY attitude?

In a referendum forthcoming, the people of Ohio will vote yet again on video gambling, but Lawmakers are attempting to trick the voting public in the question.

But when voters are asked whether Ohio should legalize gambling, they'll have to vote "no" if they want these machines, officially called "video lottery terminals" at Ohio's racetracks.

That's because the way the proposal is written, voters are asked if the state should be prohibited from operating electronic lottery devices at racetracks.

Our lawmakers at work.

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