Friday, April 04, 2003

Peer to Peer Problems: College Students Sued

The RIAA (Recording Industry association of America) is suing several college students for running a peer to peer network on their personal computers.

Press release here

The problem is that they are suing for HAVING the network, and no mention of copyrighted material is mentioned.

What the RIAA forgets is that it’s not illegal to have a p2p network. For all we know, they could have been trading term papers, or self-designed software programs over the network.

Yea, I know, they PROBABLY were trading copyrighted material. But probably isn't enough reason to bankrupt these kids, and most likely kick them out of school.

Something else of note: They mention a software package called Connect Direct, by Sterling Software. If it’s a sue-able offence to have this, then MOST BANKS in the United states are in danger, as this is the software that transfers EFT (Electronic funds transfer) files.

It’s like blaming the car on the drunken driver.

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