Monday, April 14, 2003

Syria: A Primer

In administration speeches, on the Sunday news shows, and in the papers, the rhetoric against Syria has begun.

To that respect, here’s a primer on Syria (stats from infoplease)

Government type: Republic
President: Bashar al-Assad
Prime Minister: Muhammad Mustafa Miro
Area: 71,498 sq. mi. (roughly the size of N. Dakota)
Population: 17,585,540
Capital: Damascus (pop: 1.5 million)
Largest cities: Aleppo (pop: 1.6 million), Homs (644,204); Latakia (306,535) Hama (229,000)
Religions: 90% Islam, 10% Christian

Axis of Evil Ranking™ (Determined by evilness factor/religion * oil reserves (to the third power) + Terrorism constant ) 5 or 6

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