Monday, May 12, 2003

Columbus Pub Scene: Byrne's Pub.

The third of May, the Mrs. and I went down to a humble little establishment that we frequent weekly. Byrne's Pub is about as Irish of a bar as you get in Columbus.

Sure, there's Fado's, but it's in a glorified strip mall. It's so fake even the emergency lighting has that faux "smoke stained" look. There's Brazenhead, if you are ok with paying 7 bucks for a pint.

Nope, I'm all about the dive known as Byrne's. The windows haven't been washed in 10 years. There are Michael Collins posters on the wall. The dart boards are real cork, and they aren't afraid to bring in Folk acts who will play rebel tunes.

That's where we were that fateful Friday. The day that this photo was taken of us.

Click on the Mossy picture set, we are the fifth row down, second picture over.

To prepare you, I'll include the disclaimer from the Byrne's site:

By entering the Byrne's Pub Photo Gallery, I agree that I am easily amused, not easily offended, have no connections with law enforcement, clergy, or the Republican party, that I am comfortable viewing material that may be inappropriate for those with discerning tastes, and that I will not "get my freak on" should I stumble across photographs of myself that are less than flattering.

By reading this ultra fine print, I admit that I border on extreme paranoia and am terrified that my boss, significant other, or Net Nanny may at any moment kick the door in and drag me away for viewing this site.


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