Sunday, May 11, 2003

Economy: Strategic use of Sick Time.

When George Bush stops in Omaha Nebraska to push his tax plan to a plant full of plastic workers, there's going to be an added surprise in their paychecks next Friday.

It seems that because of the plant having to shut down for a day, those workers will be docked a day's pay, or have to come in on Saturday to make up the time.

In other words, they are forced to listen to Bush on their own time. But it's not REALLY their own time, because they have to show up at their shift like any other day.

Once again, the Meatstack Institute for Crazy Math (MICM) Is there.

The low end for chemical plant worker in Omaha is 30,000. That's a round number, we'll use that. (14.4 dollars/hour)

The article says there are 340 workers who will be affected.

340 workers * 8 hours per worker * 14.4 dollars per hour = 4,608 dollars of lost wages. The individual worker will lose 115 bucks, or come in on Saturday to make it up.

Meatstack Advice: If you haven't abused your sick time in the past, use a day now. If you are going to be docked a day's pay for showing up to work, Don't show up, and you should be in the clear!

Just my suggestion.

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