Friday, May 16, 2003

Media Ownership: A Clear Channel Example

What does greater media ownership mean? Here in Columbus, Ohio, Clear Channel owns five stations:

WCOL-FM Country
WNCI-FM Pop/Hip Hop
WFJX-FM Classic Rock
WTVN-AM Talk Radio
WZNW-AM Sports Talk

That's fine, a big company successful in a large Midwestern City, right?

If you want to hear the Dixie Chicks, you have to put in a CD.
If you want to hear Lennon's Imagine, you have to put in a CD
Dave Matthew's Band "Crash into me?" nope.
U2 "Sunday bloody Sunday" nada
Elton John's "Rocket man" Not on a clear channel station

The list is far to vast to publish in it's entirety. And, truth be told, a lot of the Clear Channel Banned list comes in the wake of 9/11.

As for the talk radio, let's say I have to tune my computer into KGO810AM in San Francisco to avoid an aneurism.

How conservative are they? Well, George Voinovich(R-OH) is a regular bash topic, being called a communist, a tree-hugger, a hippy, and a Liberal. He's just not extreme right wing enough. Heck, occasionally they get on Mike DeWine's case as well.

All this, in a town with a Democratic Mayor. Yup. Columbus, metro, is a democratic city. You hit the farmland surrounding the city, and it's a different story.

They own five radio stations, the billboards, and do not think they won't make a bid for the newspaper if they have their way.

This is such a bad idea. Please sign the petition to stop the FCC before they do even more damage.

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