Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Politics: Election Day

It's the First Tuesday in May. And you know what that means!!!

What? You don't? You, a resident of the State of Ohio did not know it was primary election day?

Quite frankly, neither did I. there has been less than zero media coverage leading up to today's election. No campaign ads, no debates, no endorsements.

But then again, it is the Primary Election for local government. You didn't REALLY want to vote for the democratic challenger for the Franklin County Clerk of Wills, did you?

After all, who CARES who's the Republican candidate for the Madison County Coroner?

All kidding aside, I guess it really is such sad thing that someone as big as a news junkie as me totally missed this. I guess I'll have to wait till November, unless they sneak another one past me between now and then...

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