Monday, May 26, 2003

Various Topics: Time to clean up the Assignment board

Once again, time to clean up all the stuff that's been on my to-do list:

Choice of a new information

ChoicePoint, a data mining company, has been supplying the FBI with all kinds of information about you. The problem? It doesn't have to be all that correct. Read this interesting article...including instructions on how to get your very own dossier.


It's easy to not understand why the Patriot Act is so bad. After all, if you are a white, upper middle class man like me, this kind of thing will never happen to you.

Keep Internet Tax Free

The Bush administration has this one right.

Yup, read that line again if you need to. I agree with Bush when it comes to Internet taxes. If only we could convince states to see the same logic.

Reality Bites

Reality shows are slowing down for next season. Why?

Some advertisers don't want their products shown after a contestant has gagged on horse rectum on "Fear Factor."

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