Friday, May 09, 2003

Budget Woes: Tax Free day and Debt Free day.

You might have heard of tax free day. It's the day that is determined that to that point, every penny you have made would have gone to the Federal Government, on average. This year, "tax-free day" fell on April 29.

Congratulations! Every penny you make from that day forward goes into your pocket instead of the governments.

But, now that they have four months of our money?what do they do with it? Well, The Meatstack institute of Crazy Math has figured out what your work schedule was during that first quarter. Here it is:

January 1st 9 a.m. (sorry about having to work on a holiday) until January 23rd 5 p.m. your money went to Medicare-Medicaid.

January 24th 9 a.m. until February 17th 5 p.m. you worked for Social Security.

February 18th 9 a.m. through March 6th at 3 p.m. you labored for National Defense

March 6th at 3:01 p.m. until April 11th, you worked for "other."

Lastly, April 14th through April 29th, your tax dollars went towards the interest (only) of the National Debt.

Yup. You worked 11.9 days to just service the debt.

Percentages obtained from The Budget Explorer.

This is an excellent site. You can tinker with your own budget. Very nice.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Job Market: Another week, another 400k

Things aren't going so well at work. Uninformed people are making uninformed judgments based on uninformed sources.

Just another week at the three letter company I work for. The IT staff is salary, so even though they expect 40, you are deemed as disloyal for anything under sixty. They are withholding fringe benefits because they aren't sure of my "loyalty."

Just another week at the three letter company I work for.

With an updated resume in my recent documents folder, I begin my troll of Monster. It's not the best source for IT jobs, but it's a good barometer to how the industry is doing.

32 posts in the Greater Columbus area. 26 of them are developers. 3 of them are executive level. 3 of them are entry level. None of them are my level.

Another 425,000 jobs gone this week. 453,000 gone last week. The initial claims for unemployment has not been below 400,000 for 12 weeks. 4.8 million jobs, for those who are trying to do the math in your head.

More than the state of Alabama. More than the state of Colorado.

I'm lucky to have a job, but I don't know how much longer my "luck" will hold.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Bloggers: Salam Pax

Before, and during the early part of the war in Iraq, there was a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about one particular journal. Where is Raed ?

Salam Pax posting from no where other than Downtown Baghdad, Iraq.

After the invasion began, there was a long silence from Salam. Rightfully so, he was keeping his head down. Then, a post on March 24th brought a fresh perspective on Mr. Pax.

Then, nothing. Truth be told, I never really read the blog that much. So many blogs, so little time. But, I would check the site every now and then to see if Salam found his way back to a keyboard. Today, through a third party, he did.

Let me tell you one thing first. War sucks big time. Don't let yourself ever be talked into having one waged in the name of your freedom. Somehow when the bombs start dropping or you hear the sound of machine guns at the end of your street you don't think about your "imminent liberation" anymore.

Must read.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Politics: Election Day

It's the First Tuesday in May. And you know what that means!!!

What? You don't? You, a resident of the State of Ohio did not know it was primary election day?

Quite frankly, neither did I. there has been less than zero media coverage leading up to today's election. No campaign ads, no debates, no endorsements.

But then again, it is the Primary Election for local government. You didn't REALLY want to vote for the democratic challenger for the Franklin County Clerk of Wills, did you?

After all, who CARES who's the Republican candidate for the Madison County Coroner?

All kidding aside, I guess it really is such sad thing that someone as big as a news junkie as me totally missed this. I guess I'll have to wait till November, unless they sneak another one past me between now and then...

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